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To transform environment & health protection by the application of automated higher-throughput biology, imaging and OMICS technologies. This creates a comprehensive database of the effects of all chemicals, advanced materials and their mixtures on biological systems, thereby dramatically reducing uncertainty for industry, policy makers and regulators because of shared knowledge built upon strong scientific principles.

Unique Formulation – The four unique aspects of our vision are:

  1. The phylogenetic framework upon which the toxicity of all chemicals are described, ultimately enabling the prediction of toxicity and its effects across most life forms.
  2. A panel of model species for omics research that are both useful surrogates for human health and sentinels in natural ecosystems.
  3. The development and application of omics approaches to drive the data generation, plus informatics for delivering useful knowledge.
  4. The involvement of investigators from most key sectors, including academia (innovation and supply chain of trained scientists), policy makers (to translate our innovations to legislation), industry (innovation and the ultimate end-users of the policy), and regulators (to ensure compliance of the legislation within industry). 
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